About us

About us

01. Unifeed knives
Coltelliunifeed was born in 2015 in Italy and more specifically in Veneto, in the province of Vicenza.
Coordinated by Luca Zolin, our team makes its experience, gained daily in the field of unifeed technology, for zootechnics farms and farmers.
Continuous research for cutting-edge solutions, constant attention to customer needs, and passion for our work are the three strengths of our reality.

02. The mission
We help farmers identify the most suitable knives for their unifeed mixer wagon by offering the highest quality service.
We know how important it is to make perfect knives and that’s the reason we provide you with the best brands of knives.
Our main mission? To make those who decide to trust us be fully satisfied.
Every day we strive to achieve this ambitious and challenging goal.
We like beeing able to share our most valuable advice with those who already know and have trusted us, with those who are new to the field, or with those who are interested in receiving some information.
That’s why we are actively publishing some in-depth articles about the topic, featured in the “blog” section.

03. Our products, knives for mixer wagons
Our products are made from first-rate materials such as steel and tungsten.
Choosing first-rate materials means allowing your machinery to improve its performance, thus offering you the opportunity to increase the productivity of your farm, achieving significant time and economic benefits and gains.
Whether you are looking for horizontal or vertical knives, for your new or second-hand mixer wagon, at coltelliunifeed you will find the perfect knives.
Moreover, we are happy to offer some suggestions on which knives to choose for your machinery.
Through our newsletter, we periodically send out promotions and special deals on products distributed by coltelliunifeed to those who have subscribed, which are not to be missed.